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Rebound - Chris Scully

Reader's Advisory: No HEA or HFN ... Instead there is a promise of something more

I love Chris Scully's writing. Love it. She never done me wrong before -- even if her stories are all either short stories or novellas. Her stories just fit me -- in terms of plot, characters, and even those clean less smutty scenes. This one is another example.

This was like one of those holiday movies, when two people who met under circumstances (in this case, Emmett was being 'abandoned' by his friend just when he needed a shoulder to cry on -- or at least to bitch about his cheating ex) and they had delightful conversation and they connected ... even for a short span of time. That was what happened here.

Emmett was drunk and bitchy when Sky appeared on Terry's doorstep. Emmett immediately thought that Sky was one of Terry's one night stand. What I loved the most about this story was how Emmett and Sky were quite different in characters-- and that was in addition to their 10 age gaps -- but somehow they clicked, you know? Emmett was the serious one, he believed in rules and morals and fidelity and relationship. Sky was the son of free-spirit couple from Iowa, whose thoughts might felt mature and surprised Emmett several times over.

Wait, wasn't this be a case of instant-love then, you ask? And Ami, you hate those things!

That was the beauty of it. Emmett and Sky didn't immediately had sex and fell in love. In fact, like I wrote in the disclaimer, this ended as a promise of something more

because Sky had to go back home the next day and he refused to be rebound for Emmett, so instead he left but wrote a note to Emmett containing all his information for Emmett to make a move on, if he wanted to pursue the relationship

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That was definitely a wonderful way to end this -- just like one of those holiday movies that made you hopeful.

Oh, I forgot ... there was this 'a bit of mystery!' about who Sky really was to Terry. I was tempted to check the several last pages to find out about the revelation -- because come on, Sky was NOT one of Terry's toy boy for the night, I was so sure of that! But who was he? Well, you need to find out by your own :)

Another lovely story, Ms. Scully (hey, it rhymed!). And YES, I want a sequel, pretty please? Maybe starting with

Sky's reaction to Emmett's phone call on his answering machine :)

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