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Blessed Isle

Blessed Isle - Alex Beecroft

English is not my native language. So I am more familiar with "contemporary" English than "old" English. One of the reasons why I also avoid historical genre -- I don't know if I can enjoy a story if I have no idea what the words meant, right?

Well, I guess when you feel for the characters, sometimes you CAN let that issue go... and that was what I felt with this story.

Seriously, I had no idea what these characters were talking or describing about most of the time (I could try to look up the dictionary but then it will take DAYS for me to finish). But it really didn't matter. Because I thought the story was so bloody romantic *siiiiighhhh*.

I loved how it was told through form of a journal, and it was adorable how Garnet 'took over' his lover's journal to write his own point of view about their love story. The difference voice of Harry and Garnet shone from their chapters. And I could also sense the progress of Harry 'changing' from trying to prove his worth as Captain to simply a man who stayed true to himself and felt free to simply loved another man.

I felt like I was with them from the time they set eyes to each other - to surviving storm and illness, to surviving mutiny and being castaways, to surviving being caught when they were displaying their love, to the current day of the journal being wrote where they lived as 'brothers' to deceive the society, when behind doors they were the most devoted, most loving couple.

It was captivating and it was enriching and what a way to end my personal challenge month (to read one MM historical romance a week). I'd say it has been a success!