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After The End

After the End - Alex Kidwell

This was quite lovely story about "picking up yourself and moving on" after losing your partner of 10 years. I'm not going to even pretend to understand the depth of Quinn's grief. So I thought it was quite realistic.

One scene that hit the chord with me was when Quinn yelled at his friend:

"Is there supposed to be some kind of time limit? Seven hundred thirty days, that’s all right, but seven hundred thirty-one and you get your ass back in the game?"

... because, I always wonder that it's easy for others to tell the one who is grieving to move on (especially related to starting a new relationship), that their loved one would want them to. But there is no time limit, isn't it? It's all depends on the person whether he/she is ready or not.

I did think that Brady was a little too perfect, a little too good to be true. Honestly, the story felt like 3.5 stars to me around 3/4 part of the book because of that. I like my character to be slightly imperfect. Because Brady being perfect seemed like a bit 'lazy' set-up to make Quinn moving on faster.

HOWEVER, it changed when I met Brady's family. What can I say, they just charmed me. I love big loving family like them. And Brady's being gay was never even brought into spotlight. No discussion about it at all. I thought it was a nice change of scenery for once. Usually, in all other stories about family, there's still that question from the love interest about "how your family take you being gay" thing. Here, it never came into light. In fact, Brady's mom easily asked Quinn about whether they planned to have kids.

I loved those scenes in the hospital. So loving. Just like watching a Hallmark movie -- and with holiday almost coming, those scenes clinched it to my 4-stars category.