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Kid Gloves

Kid Gloves - Anna Martin

This novella was quite lovely.

Finn was sweet and had that ‘ingénue’ flair in him while Dalton had more experience and confidence. What I found interesting later on was a slight switch in role reversal: Dalton became the quite mellow one when Finn left for his duty in the army and Finn became that strong one. The letters that they wrote back and forth was sweet. I loved the language – so polite and romantic at the same time. People are missing the art of writing letters these days.

Set in a Steampunk England era, it also offered a quite intriguing alternate universe. I loved the sophisticated descriptions of Dalton’s occupation, the explanation about making prosthetics and how it works.

The kink was also a nice surprise. I definitely didn’t see that coming. It added something fresh to it.

It wasn’t a 4-stars read due to teeny tiny things: while lovely, the letters sort of disrupt the pace of the story for me. It felt like filler in an already short story. In addition, while Finn and Dalton was a nice couple, they lacked ‘punch’ that made me felt connected or caring for them.