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Angel in Chains  - Cynthia Eden 3.75 stars rounded upOkay, I did love this because in the end, I thought it was an awesome addition to the series in overall. But I also have to rant about something (which made me reduce the star rating from exact 4-stars)-- start rant --Seriously, I HATE it when authors start using those "This is not your fight, this is mine", "I saw my last lover die, I will not let it happen to you, so let me sacrifice myself" theme. WELL, PHOOEY!! Just because Jade thinks so, it doesn't immediately makes her a "strong" heroine or a fighter. It's BORIIIIING!!!! All those self-sacrificing, I mean. You know what I WISH Jade did to Az?To say, "You know what, Az? You said you didn't want to let me die. Well, I didn't want to let you die too. So how about we combine what we have and kick my ex's ass. We will not go down without a fight. Because if we're going down, we're going down with a BANG and we will make sure we drag Brandt's ass with us all the way to Hell"THERE, that is what Jade should do!-- /end rant --Other than that, I thought Az was able to redeem himself from being such an asshole during the previous two books. Yep, when he fell, he fell HARD. And the villain was worthy of praises as well. True psychopath. My favorite character was still Sam (the hero from book #2) though. Here's my favorite quote of his:“I can’t believe this is happening again,” Sam snarled from the trap just beside Az. “This is it—my next club will damn well be fireproof, no matter how many witches I have to hire to enchant the place.”I wonder who would be next. Bastion? Or Marna? Marna would be interesting, she will be the first female Fallen in this series ... and her story is so tragic.