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Five Times Roland Mars Didn't Hook Up With His Partner (and One Time He Did) - Domashita Romero,  engine Hmmm, I didn't enjoy this as much as my friends. My problem was the way it was written; it made timeline jumpy. While the title suggested that there would be six separated events, but for me, it still ruined my flow of reading. But that was my personal issue -- maybe I didn't read many stories with the 5 + 1 scheme to enjoy it. I read a number of Hockey Fics with this theme but I was used to the characters there and felt like they were 'old friends', while here both Mars and Santiago were 'new' characters for me, and I guess I wanted a linear timeline to get to know them better.Having said, Mars' power was interesting, REALLY interesting. There should be more unique power in paranormal stories like this. And I enjoyed the writing; which of course, made me want to find more of hers.