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By the Way - Megan Derr 3.25 starsThis side story of [b:The Missing Butterfly|7797074|The Missing Butterfly (Missing Butterfly, #1)|Megan Derr|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1267385638s/7797074.jpg|10767284] tells the story of Antoine Osborne (Malcolm's brother) and his best friend of 15 years, Wallace "Wally" Burgundy. In "Missing Butterfly", we got hints that Antoine and Wally might have feeling for one another, and that Wally's marriage was on the rocks and he was getting a divorce. Here we find out the process.It is a pretty good best friends to lovers short story. Everything is quite predictable, of course, since readers know that Antoine and Wally has been in love with each other for years -- only the characters don't know about it. The timeline is quite rushed, though. Still, it's a nice: Antoine and Wally finally get their HEA.