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Blood Pond - D.J. Manly Ten years ago, August's brother, Tommy, was killed and his body dismembered. August cannot shake the feeling of guilt of not being there for his brother. An ex-cop, he leaves his job and goes to "hunt" the person he thinks might help him find a murder. A friend of Tommy, named Bruce, who was with Tommy the day he was mising. Bruce is a troubled man. Continuously haunted by nightmare of seeing his friend, Tommy, being tortured and murdered, Bruce tries to escape by drinking and running from town to town, being a shadow. Will the two guys find comfort and answer in each other's arms?This is a fine thriller/mystery with a side of horror thrown in. From the get go, you can feel the emotional scars that both August and Bruce carry. August cannot let himself go of the past; his obsession of finding that one witness have cost him any attachment or relationship with other people. While Bruce, he just cannot function without the help of alcohol or pills, trapped in survivor's guilt. These two guys might come together because of some intense emotion and connection to the past. However, I think they do have a chance to heal each other and be in a strong relationship. The answer of the murderer itself takes a path of "psychological issue" in the middle, when Bruce seems to start showing a multiple personality disorder. Though, I make the correct assumption even before the answer is revealed :)An entertaining addition to my m/m mystery collection, that is for sure.