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Save the Date - Kate McMurray 2.5 starsThis was not the better story from Kate McMurray for me. I have to agree with both Arthur and Pete with their reviews.I didn't feel the chemistry between Tris and the new guy in his life. I felt like it started with all the wrong reasons. Tris seemed to still love Stuart -- if he truly had been over his ex of ten years, he wouldn't be this anxious with Stuart's wedding and determined to go there 'showing' Stuart that he was fine with it. Why did he have to go anyway? I know that Stuart invited him but he could've just say no. I understood that Darren had a crush on Tris but did Tris really even love him? Because they went quite fast in the relationship and I couldn't help but thinking it was because Tris wanted to show his new boyfriend, which was why Tris wanted Darren to come out of the closet NOW rather than giving Darren time to do it on his pace. I wasn't enjoying Stuart still calling Tris when he got cold feet and even kissed Tris. before the wedding. NONE of Tris's action convinced me that he truly love Darren. Instead, it felt like a 'fuck off' to Stuart marrying someone else. So I was sceptical throughout, even in the end, when it said that Tris proposed Darren and they didn't even invite Stuart, when just few paragraphs befored that, it said that Tris and Stuart had become friends. If that was the case, why so afraid of inviting Stuart? Who clearly was happy with his husband, anyway?Yep, not believable love story for me. Not even enough to put this on my 3-stars category.On that note, I also gave the last book of Ms. McMurray that I read 2.5 stars (I haven't read [b:Show and Tell|17145146|Show and Tell|Kate McMurray|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355787256s/17145146.jpg|23549511], though, the review on that wasn't promising as well). I really hope that her next one will be better, or I must take her off my favorite authors list *sad face*