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Deadly Wrong - Victor J. Banis In the beginning, this reminds me of second book of Adrien English: Stanley escapes San Francisco, to sort his feeling out (for the very straight Tom) while helping a friend to find what truly happens of a boy who died. It is said to be "involuntary manslaughter" but Stanley discovers that it is actually murder, and he has walked into a dangerous territory here. I must say, the mystery is REALLY good. I was guessing other people as the murderer only to discover differently. At the same time, the relationship of Stanley and Tom also moves to a different stage. I don't doubt for a minute, that Tom is actually straight. But he also has developed a real, genuine feeling for Stanley, which makes him willing to give this male/male relationship a try. I also like the fact, that this complicated relationship does not easily solved by them having mind-blowing sex. They still work that out as well. I think the end is pretty romantic and I'd love to see what will happen with them in the next good. So far, pretty good series!