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Roughhousing - Laura Baumbach It's 4.5 stars for me. I LOVE this sequel of A Bit of Rough so much more than the original. Aside from the number of (oh!) hot sex, there are also additional tender sex. BUT, the most important thing, is the emotional character development in James. He is the more shy from the two. He is not comfortable to say what he feels, a result from verbal abuse he experienced when he was a kid. He also afraid to trust in the HEA because he is thrown out from his house after his parents discovered he was gay. So he needs time to settle down to his feeling with Bram, even when deep inside he knows he loves the more sturdy strong guy. I LOVE the part where Bram confronts James, to make the younger guy see that their relationship is in for the long haul. I also love the addition of two female characters. I really, really feel satisfied with this sequel.