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Persistence of Memory - J.M. Snyder For five years, Joah is culled and trained as a soldier. A chip embedded inside of him, to make him forget everything. But Joah remembers his name, he hangs on to that, and escapes the facility. He thinks he will find someone who at least remembers him and helps him. Then, the first man that he meets is none other than Tobin, his husband. Tobin never gives up hope to find Joah again. He believes that their love is strong enough to bring Joah back. But the chip threatens to kill Joah, and the removal of the chip will only erase all memories that Joah has, including his name. Is love enough?OMG! This story is so beautiful and so romantic and pulling all of my heart strings. It nearly brings me down to tears (there are people near me, I'm worried they will get to panic seeing me suddenly sobbing like a baby). It's so beautiful to read how Tobin, who believes in Joah and himself never let go. And Joah, even if he cannot remember the past, knows that in the present he can love Tobin again and he WILL hang on to that, if that is the last thing he can do. Their love story is breath-taking - and what I love as well, that the sex scene is clean. It's not even like the usual hot scenes, it's more like tender love making. I still feel my heart squeezed at the very last pages. Now excuse me while I'm sobbing in private.