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Faceoff - J.M. Snyder The story is about Christian "Magic" Magdziuk, who is a minor league hockey player for Bedford Blizzard. On a night where his team plays against Richmond Rebels, his former team, he must also faces Ronnie (one of Rebel's best player), who became his lover for that short time Christian was on Rebels. Night full of tension, not just on the ice field, but also between the two guys, because just maybe, something is not over yet between them?Oh, sports romance, yay!! My only wish, is that this story is longer. Of course, I know at the beginning that it's novella, so it's only like 50+ pages long. But with a story this good, you really want it to last. I love how Ms. Snyder works out Christian and Ronnie's relationship on flashbacks, how they get together, how they separate due to Christian's trade to Blizzard. At the same time, keep the intensity between the two in present time. A very good read indeed.