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Savage Awakenings - Stephani Hecht One character that stole my attention since the first book of this series was Rat. I really like his wise-ass remarks and I know that there are more to it than meet's the eye. Especially when he opens up to Jacyn about the reason behind the name "Rat". So I'm really happy to know that book #3 is about him -- especially when I read the summary about who is supposed to be his mate: Keegan, one of Mitchell's younger brother. This will be fun :)And FUN it is. I love it that Keegan; though younger than Rat -- oops, strike that, Carson, since Keegan will probably bitch-slap anyone who calls him Rat *g* -- but the cub knows how to work his way and put Carson on his fingers. It's fun to see Carson falling in love that way, especially knowing that he has been around the block. Can't wait to read book #4