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The Other Man - D.J. Manly Kendal's is being dumped by his lover, Charlie, of seven years, who says that he's leaving Kendall for another man. So Kendall puts in on a mission to find this "other man", who he finds out by the name of Aaron Radcliff. He confronts Aaron while he's still drunk and wakes up at the man's house. But Aaron tells him that he doesn't know any Charlie -- and what's this attraction this guy seems to have on him?!?Why can't gay romantic comedy comes from books? I mean, this story can be a good script for a gay romantic comedy. Seriously! The story is just so cute! I love Kendal and him being confused on why man as gorgeous as Aaron would want him. I also feel a bit sorry for Aaron, because yeah, sometimes we do make judgments on beautiful people, huh? The editing is not stellar, find some errors here and there, but I can live with it, since the story itself is fun.