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Ruthless Pursuit - Stephani Hecht Ruthless Pursuit is Andrew's story. He is the last of the lost brothers of Mitchell. In the end of book #5, we learned that Andrew hacked into the computer system of the Coalition and seemed to have hatred to his family. Mitchell sent his best tracker, Vapor, to catch Andrew and to bring him home. When this book opened (seriously, one of loved opening lines! "That little shit would pay for this"); Vapor has been tracking Andrew for three months, and the young Jaguar has always been able to escape. Not only that, Andrew has successfully turned the table on Vapor, including exploding the Panther's car and shot him. This game of cat-and-cat (none of them are mouse! *lol*) sort of bring the two into another issue, hot attraction ....To be perfectly honest, there is some kind of similarities on most of Stephani Hecht's characters. As I read Andrew, I can sense his character (even physical description) from previous brothers, Noah or Keegan. And Vapor, as this tough tracker, bears resemblance of that Logan and Seth. It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it, though. The way Andrew escapes Vapor is fun to read -- especially that scene of him leaving the big-bad-Panther in cuffs, naked, after they have hot sex *grin*. Wish there are more pages that describe Andrew's change of heart as well as relationship building between him and Vapor. But this is the usual length of the series and I don't think it'll change *sigh*. I love Mitchell's reaction when he found out about Andrew and Vapor and the closing scene is also sweet.I've been reassured by Stephani that she will probably write stories of other shifters in the series. Considering Owen and Shane, Andrew's best friends seem to get significant screen time in the book, I think they will probably get their own HEA. I can see the seed planted between Owen and Garrett (the Hawk shifter). Aside from Daniel (Brent's mate), haven't had enough Hawk shifters as main characters. It'll be nice to read, I think.