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The Sculptor's Muse - Emily Veinglory Clarius is a divine presence, a muse. His latest assignment is to help a young painter who is struck blind due to a virus. As a muse, Clarius is not allowed to reveal himself. But when Karl notices his presence, Clarius thinks that Karl will need more than abstract inspiration. So he 'fleshes' himself to Karl, as a human named Larry, to help become the model for Karl's clay work. However, as he spends more time with Karl, Clarius realizes that he starts to develop a feeling for the blind man, and Karl seems to return his feeling. However, how can it continue? Because the punishment of revealing himself is equal to death ...This story is sweet, with enough angst in the middle to make me cry, when Karl and Clarius is separated due to a jealous ex. I can feel Karl's anguish and Clarius's pain. I do have problem with the pacing; sometimes it feels jumpy and out of context. But overall, I enjoy the story and it is a tender one.