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David Inside Out - Lee Bantle David Dahlgren is a high-school senior, a member of of track team, who has a gay friend (Eddie), a supposed to be girlfriend (Kick), and a huge crush to one of his team members (Sean). David is pretty sure he is gay but he is NOT sure whether he wants other people in his school know about it ...This is a wonderful coming-of-age novel; a look of what a gay teenager might think and feel on his 16th year of life. Knowing that he has a huge crush on a "boy" but facing that his friends are not nice to gay boys. I really enjoy the conflict that David feels throughout the book; the confusion, the turmoil, and finally the acceptance. My favorite scenes will probably when David talks to "gay hotline". How wonderful for those people to reach out and help the gay teenagers to be proud of themselves ...Sean is not a sympathetic character for David to be with. I think he will grows up as one of those "deep in the closet" lonely guy. I'm glad that David is able to see that and take his stands. This book does not have an HEA but it's a hopeful end, that David will be able to live his life as he truly is ...