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In Hot Pursuit - Kate McMurray 3.5 starsI enjoyed two of more recent stories by Ms. McMurray, so I decided to go back and read her first. This is a decent story ... for something with a bit mystery/thriller flair in it, there are more coincidences than actual investigation. However, the two protagonists -- the burned out cop Noah Tobin and the restaurant/club owners Harrison "Hary" Knowles are both appealing. Since this story is from Noah's 1st person POV, unfortunately, Harry hasn't been fully developed in my eyes. I do like him when he interacts with Noah ...The bad guys and the reason for Harry's kidnapping are a bit blurry for me. It's actually forgettable after I finish it. The ending is not an actual HEA but a very realistic take on the two of them, especially with the kind of decision that Noah takes regarding his gay status and his police career.