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The Wishing Cup - J.M. Gryffyn 3.5 starsWhat excites me the most about this novella is the whole archeological digging expedition. I enjoy reading Agatha Christie's novels with that kind of setting (but of course, usually there will be murder happening :p). I think young David is wonderful. He is a smart cookie, but being deprived of love of parents in the age of eight and then whisked away to boarding school might not do well for his self-confidence. I just want to hug him most times. Jake Tanner, on the other hand, is more seasoned -- being almost twenty years older. I'm not such a huge fan of May/December type of story, but Jake doesn't feel that old, and I like that he ease David out of his shyness and simply protects the young man. The sex is soft, the kisses sweet ... might not be a strong romance due to the setting (since it is more about the expedition) but I enjoy it nevertheless. As a debut story, I like it.