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Magic at the Gate (Allie Beckstrom #5) - Devon Monk The soul of Zayvion Jones, Allie Beckstrom's lover, is trapped in the realm of death. His body is in the real world, in a coma. Allie makes a decision to bring Zay's soul back, since she is his Soul Complement. Accompanied by her (dead) father, and Stone (her pet gargoyle), Allie enters the gate of death. It turns out that to bring Zay's soul back, Allie must trade her precious soul magic to Mikhail, the former leader of the Authority, who seems to be in charge in the death realm. Allie doesn't have any choice, she knows she will give anything. But when Allie and Zay return, the world as she knows it has changed. Gates are opened everywhere, Veiled people become solid and get their power for the magical disks, ghosts are appearing ... and it seems that the war, is just the beginning ...I devoured this book in matters of hours. YEP, DEVOURED it! Started in the morning and finish around noon. I couldn't stop. Not with the cliffhanger from the 4th book. I needed to find out what happened. I was a bit worried about Allie's trading her soul magic. We still had no idea what Mikhail's agenda was. Or Allie's father, for that matter. I still couldn't trust Daniel Beckstrom, not when he also Closed Allie's mind when Jingo Jingo confronted Daniel about the "price he must pay". I'm slightly 'disappointed' that Zayvion practically only appeared in the last few chapters, spending most of the book still in coma even if he got his soul back. Although, he did kick ass during the climax battle at Maeve's inn alongside the other members of the Authorities. On the other hand, it was nice to read Allie in partnership with Shame and Terric to close the gate over Death's well. I couldn't help it if I want Shame to realize that him and Terric were meant for each other, could I? Not when I am a huge fan of male/male romance *lol*. I still have book #6 with me to read. I do want to slow down, since book #7 will not until end of year. But I'm so charmed with this series, all I want is to devour book #6 ...