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Lost Treasure - Kate Sherwood I am consciously stay away from Kate Sherwood's other stories before because I am not a fan of ménage -- unfortunately, Ms. Sherwood seems to be fond of this. I checked this one very clearly (from reviews) and I found out that I didn't have to worry about threesome, so I purged ahead.I'm happy that I did.This story is character driven, which is my favorite. There is a development from the first time Kyle returns to Wetlake, Canada, to take care of his grandmother's cottage until the end, when he realizes that he has been living his life according to other people's "map" not his. This story also has that theme "the one who gets away", which is another favorite of mine. It is in the form of Ryan, Kyle's best friend during the first of his teenager's years, when Kyle stayed in the cottage. There is a reason why Kyle, never visited his grandmother afterwards, and I am happily being strung along by Ms. Sherwood to find out why.A thick tension between two people who clearly still has feeling for one another, despite years being apart. An 11-year old charming boy and a cat, who become a catalist for reconnection. Lovely surrounding that becomes a strong support to the characters. All of those make up for a great story that I enjoy immensely.IF I have complains, it will be 1) The two names that Kyle has (Kyle and Casey, which sort of his beloved nicknames in Wetlake) are a bit confusing. 2) There are some typos, wrong names referring to wrong person, which throw me off a bit.BY the way, MAKE SURE to check the Lost Treasure Post-Scripts if you want to check their ceremony