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Sin Row - Scarlet Blackwell 3.5 starsI'm trying to form my opinion on this one because (1) It is definitely not a romance for me; well, not romance in a traditional way, and (2) It pushes my limitation in stories because it has a) sex in every chapter b) scenes of ménage à trois and double penetration.Then again, I know what to expect from Scarlet Blackwell's stories. I switch my "Scarlet Blackwell" mode on when I read this (hey, I survive a rape scene on one of her stories, so this one should be easier). And for me, the sex scenes in every chapter actually record the progress of Blake having a change of heart when it comes to Io. Blake is a cop that used to get his way, no matter what and in the beginning, the sex is pretty "cold", Blake only sees Io as a whore that he likes to use. Then as the chapters go, readers can feel how Blake starts to get more involved, how he starts to see Io differently, even during the ménage à trois or when Blake and his partner use Io to every scenario that they can think of ... up until that last decision that Blake makes to save Io. At that moment, Blake acknowledges that Io is no longer "just a whore", but someone he cares for, and even willing to sacrifice his job at the police department.So despite all those plots that usually turn me off, I do enjoy it. However, I like Ms. Blackwell's stories; I could be biased :). It's not for everyone though ...