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Dopplegangster - Laura Resnick The second book of Esther Diamond series totally reminds me of the crazy old days of Stephani Plum books! This time, Esther gets entangled with crazy Italian gangs, while being the first witness of a murder. I enjoy the whole doppelgangster plot. I think the story is still hilarious ... especially when Max learning to "talk" like Wiseguys. ZOMG!!! I can't imagine a 350-year mage (who looks like a 70-year old man) swears like it he is supposed to, you know? *lol*I'm a bit sad of what happens between Esther and Lopez. But since I read the summary of book #3 and Lopez is still around, I think there is still hope? Plus, with what happens when Lopez trying to save Esther, I think maybe that guy has special power that he doesn't know.