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The Red Thread of Forever Love - Nicole Kimberling Now I feel angry at myself for postponing to read this novella for long. It is one of the most delightful stories I have read. Of course, the source of it would come from Fingers, the yokai that Tachibana creates out of his deep desire. His no-shame attitude just tickles me in all the right places. And OMG, the things he says!!He thinks I am beautiful. Oh, I love you, Mr. Caldwell. Marry me, darling, and I will cook for you for the rest of your life!We should shower together. We could save the whales with our sexy waterconservation efforts.“Caldwell-sensei, will you marry me? I will come to Canada and join the RCMP. Together we will fight crime and drink Crown Royal whiskey and eat maple syrup on our pancakes every day.”I mean, seriously, how can you NOT laugh to those!!?! It's a hoot!! But aside from Fingers, the charm of this story comes from the good grasp of some Japanese cultures. The Japanese background is vividly portrayed and I wholeheartedly enjoy that. The dynamic of the Tachibana and Hank is wonderful. They have a very good chemistry, even if Tachibana never really tells Hank how he feels until the very end. Even Hank's family, who appears in short time via phone calls, gives nothing but glee for me. Adds with some supernatural element, including fighting demons, this is a fine piece of a story!