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Stronger in Your Hands - Diane  Adams "Takes more than one little orgasm to kill a three-year-old erection."This is the story when Alex finally hits that age. He's 18 and in Jared's mind, Alex is now legal. With that sentence above from Jared, I have to admit that I'm slightly worried that the story will all about seduction and sex scenes. I have a little issue on that since I have my own preference on what romance should be and that doesn't include sex in every chapter. But I should have more faith to Diane (and apologize to her *grin*) because she throws some curve balls and proves my concern is unbased.Jared does show a bit agression in the beginning, surprising Alex by coming to Alex's prom, taking Alex to a hotel afterwards (the scene where Jared asks permission from Alex's father is one of the most amusing scenes here), then planning to seduce his young lover. I'm a bit surprised with his words ("Dude, I've been kissing you for three years. That's enough foreplay even for a chick. Tonight, I plan to suck your brains out through your dick, and I hope like hell you won't mind returning the favor") but Jared has been patient, and pretty much celibate, for three years, I guess he's entitled to be enthusiastic. Then the curve balls come, Jared is not ready with sex with penetration, apparently holding a secret that he's not ready to share Alex. In addition to that, there is a shocking event involving Stevie, Alex's and Clark's friend. Plus, Jared's inability to say the three little words, even if he shows it through his action but for Alex, that becomes a big issue. All of these create a more complex story, rather than simple "Jared and Alex should seal the deal" thing. Because when the moment comes (after Jared reveals his secret), it is that ONE PERFECT moment, that is not only beautiful and heartwarming, but also brings my eyes all teary. And as always Diane opens and closes the story with Alex and Jared in the present time, showing how their love for 15 years is as strong as the first time (if not more)It's another winner ... and I cannot wait for the next chapter in Alex/Jared life.PS: I do notice a couple of typos, could do with better editing, I guess *shrugs*