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Blood and Tears - Ethan Stone Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the blurb of this book, how it was about Gabe and Drew. With how book #2 ended, I didn't really see this coming. But I like both characters (even if Gabe annoyed me at first), so I totally welcome the idea. Let me mention a couple of scenes that I like the most. 1) That Gay Sex 101 Scrabble is enlightning *grin* 2) Love the interaction between Victor, Gabe's son, and Drew 3) The mention of "Coda"; I know that Ethan Stone is a friend of Marie Sexton, I kinda wish that some of Marie's characters from Coda make a cameo here *lol*Other than that, I find an issue regarding the person responsible for Gabe and Violet ... HUGE SPOILER!!!If she hates Gabe and Violet so much that she is willing to pay someone to kill the, why the heck doesn't she do it when she has the chance to be alone with Gabe?? Why does she kidnap Gabe and go all the trouble to put the thoughts to Gabe's mind?? The idea that she does it because she wants to know what Gabe knows first, just doesn't make any sense. If she kills Gabe, everything will be just fine and dandy, right?. I'm also have an issue about few other things ... Drew jumping from straight to accepting he's gay feels a bit too rushed. Not when he is so adamant previously by keep telling Gabe over and over that he needs time. Feels this rush is just a reason for more sex scenes *shrugs*. Not a big fan of ultimatum too, the way Gabe tells Drew that they're over if Drew doesn't come out proudly. I guess, for me, I always prefer some sort of compromise first, rather than pushing someone to accept themselves or tell them to be comfortable in their own skin. You cannot just give ultimatum about that, it needs process. But it's not a bad story; I just don't find it stands out, that's all.