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Rearranging Stars - Diane  Adams If my memory serves me right (and correct me if I'm wrong, simply because my memory sucks!) this is Diane Adams' first foray into the supernatural world. The story is mainly about two endearing characters: Derek, a guardian angel with platinum-blond hair and blue-black wings -- an unusual kind of angel, he's the only one with different set of hair/wing color combinations. He is also the only angel who determines to remember all the human he ever assigned to. His latest assignment is Grey, a "guardian" of his own kind, a human who can see and talk to angels and guard his community in the same determination as Derek. When Derek meets Grey, something is changed. Derek starts to interact with Grey, he has conversation with him, he helps Grey in his work, he listens to Grey reading ... he becomes more than just a guardian. He becomes a participant in this human life. Grey also challenges Derek about how things work in angel-land, he confronts Derek about choices ... and this moves thing to a different path. Stars are rearranged.I definitely welcome the new "myth" of angels in this story. It sure brings a thoughtful idea, about how angels work, and how to incorporate choices in their life. There are some endearing moments, with saying "I love you" more than one time, which slightly almost become sappy. I said "almost", because Diane is managed to balanced it out with a couple of twists, most especially regarding Grey and what becomes of him for loving an ex-angel, and his own role of changing the angels forever; just when it comes to nearly too sugary moment. I actually like the idea of angel-shifter :). Oh, and KUDOS, for Diane to bring Jim Butcher and the Dresden Files to this story *lol*. What I can say, I love Harry. If I have an issue, it will be somehow the names Derek and Grey keep jumbling in my head. My brain can't seem to connect who is who. I will blame my sleep deprived situation for that. Definitely my own problem and not othe readers, I believe.