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Let Sleeping Wolves Lie (Welsh Wolves, #1) - Tielle St. Clare 3.5 starsSaw this story on my friend, Mandy's update and couldn't help it. I'm in the mood for dominant Alpha :).What makes this story charming is the fact that Maddock doesn't know that he's wolf. So he's confused with his lust over Dex, the sexy waiter he meets at this bar called Red Dragon. It results on some HOT scenes :p. It's so amusing because apparently, since Dex is an Omega wolf, he can channels his feeling ... so believe me when Maddock and Dex are smexxing, EVERYBODY can feel the sex in the air *lol*. Oh yes, everybody is horny, and that is just delightful. I like how Maddock learns about his wolf and Dex is just so adorable, his submissive side is just perfect for Maddoc!! I do think the ending comes a bit too fast though, like everything is wrapped up a bit too quickly.This story seems to be first in a series. The prologue actually has nothing to do with Maddock ... rather Dex and his friends, the blind wolf Reese, and pregnant witch Rhian, all outcasts, are trying to form their own pack with reluctant Alpha, Micah. It's funny that Micah denies him being their Alpha, but he totally protects the three. I'm looking forward stories of the rest of this gang.