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The Forgotten Man - Ryan Loveless 3.5 starsI rarely pick up historical romance in purpose. Somehow, I always prefer contemporary story. However, this one has a baby in the cover, and how can I resist?!? This story has a tenderness to it -- it is about two men who find each other in the era of Great Depression. I like Joshua's nickname for Will before he finds out the real name of the musician (Joshua calls him, "Blue"). The baby in the cover is Will's daughter, whose wife died and left him a struggling single father/musician. I enjoy the dynamic of Joshua and his family. I love Joshua's approach to Will, who is at first full of concern about being with men, especially with his status as single father and in that era, he cannot afford to go to jail.My complain goes for the lovemaking scene. While it is not overwhelming but I feel like it's done in a bit of a rush ... especially considering that Will is a bit skittish at first. So it feels choppy and more like just a passing thought and it disrupts my enjoyment in reading it.