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The Business of Death (Death Works Trilogy #3) - Trent Jamieson My first reaction when I finished this one was muttering to myself, "I hate you Trent Jamieson, I hate you for making me cry with the ending"This is the last book of The Death Works Trilogy. Over the course of two books, I fall in love with Steven de Selby, because I think he is different from other male protagonists in urban fantasies that I have read so far. I always see him as a slacker, and even in book #2, I write in my opinion that he comes as a bit incompetent (he seems to need a lot of help from others, especially his girlfriend Lissa, and his cousin Tim). I remember he drinks much in the beginning of the series. But he has a kind heart and I find him endearing; his humor is never sarcastic but feels more down to earth, like this, for example ...When you decide to do something, you're better off just doing it. That was my mum's philosophy. Mine was, and still is: think about it, procrastinate, check email, post a couple of witty tweets, check email, check hair in the mirror by my filing cabinet, consider filing, consider employing someone to do my filing, see if anyone's relationship status has changed on Facebook ... (Chapter 6)I mean, that is so what most of us usually do, right?? Anyway, in this book, with the End of Days coming, as the Stirrer God approaches and threat to wipe away all lives, in addition to an ancient entity, The Death of Water, is pissed at Steven because he pomped 150 lives of plane crash that were supposed to be dead in the water (in book #2), the first thing that come in the book is that Steven is thinking to propose to Lissa. I mean, what-the, right?? But that is how I love him so. He is still human -- he has the loving heart, he refuses to let his Ankous make sacrifice for him, in order to stop the End of Days. In the end, Steven is doing his best -- he makes a deal with Death of Water and he is able to send back the Stirrer god (who takes form in an familiar villain, Morrigan, from book #1 who apparently makes a deal to destroy the world.).Then comes the end ... oh, God, how bittersweet. I admit that I take a peek because, that's what I do, I'm a peeker. Still, even if I know how the ending is, it doesn't stop my tears from flowing HARD when I reach those final chapters. I should've known that Steven will offer himself as the deal. I mean, he already refuses Cerbo's idea to sacrifice the Ankous. Still, reading how he reaches to that point, as he says his goodbyes to Tim and most especially Lissa, whom in the end, he doesn't propose after all -- with so many harmful events coming -- then he accepts his fate, oh GOD!!! I'm crying now all over again, as I'm writing this. And this is the final book!! So no more Tim and Lissa trying to save Steven. It's all over. It's done. That's the end).It's a wonderful ride (even with the tears that I shed). It's refreshing to have a great urban fantasy series from Down Under. So, thank you for the trilogy, Mr. Jamieson. Now, excuse me while I'm being mellow ...