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Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead - Scott Kenemore I don't read zombie genres. In fact, I can only remember two books related to zombies that I had read. This one came to me by accident, when I saw the advertisement and the reviews were quite positive. So I decided to give it a go.And BOY, was I mesmerized!!I enjoy reading this story, a tale coming from the zombie rather than the humans. Of course, the zombie, Professor of Philosophy Peter Mellor, isn't like any other zombies. He can still talk and think, although yes, he eats brains. I find his story to be funny but also thoughtful. This is a story how Peter finds redemption as a zombie, because when he was a human, apparently, he was a jerk and a coward. His voice is funny and fresh (from the moment he said "Braaaains", I was hooked). There are moments that baits big smile from me, like this ..."I hadn't thought that I - or the original Peter Mellor - had been a good man, exactly, but neither did I think I'd been some sort of Hitler. was an oversexed disappointment who'd started drinking too much, true. But I had called only for the annexation of liquor bottles and vaginas, not Poland."In his new "life" as the undead, Peter tries to become some sort of moral Zombie, he doesn't eat good people, he draws line in killing children. Although there are second part of the book, where Peter goes in killing rampage with his band of Zombies (whom he gives names to, like Hunter, Rock Star, Mario, and Mr. Turk), when he develops hatred to human and thinks that he is better than people. But then there is redemption ... and we also find out the reason why Peter died.This book has everything ... humor, action and gore (yes, there ARE scenes of Zombies eating brain), friendship, mystic (that includes a turkey, yes, a real turkey, you just have to read it for yourself), thoughtful moments, and even romance (in-a-way). I love it!!