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Owen's Home and Garden - Evie Kiels 2.5 starsWarning: This review is spoilerish for the main plot of the story, but I can't not do itThis is from new author. I admit that I'm weary with new author and the decline of quality of DSP's releases lately doesn't help. I guess I must thank MandyM for her early review for me to try.The result?I'm contemplating between 2 and 3 stars. There is a lot of 1) stupidity 2) miscommunication and 3) indecision. One of the characters is not much to my liking. In fact, I would like to nominate Simon as a candidate of "A**HOLE OF THE YEAR". Let's see, Simon is a player (it's because he's been hurt over a bad breakup with his ex *scoff*); he avoids commitment, and he bails when things get uncomfortable. He's oblivious to Owen's (his best friend for the past 5 years) feeling. After one bad night when Simon is attacked by his ex, Simon uses Owen to forget the bad experience. Is it a good sex? No. Owen admits that it's not the best fuck in his life. So what does Simon do? HE RUNS AWAY! Yep, he runs away, to his grandmother's place; without apologizing or trying to clear things up, and STILL oblivious to Owen's being hurt and rejected. How long does Simon is away? FOUR FRICKIN' MONTHS!! Until Owen comes down by himself -- and even so, when Owen acts a bit cold towards Simon (which I think is justified, thank you!) Simon tells Owen to "stop being childish". WTF?!? Owen thinks that he's not a doormat, but sorry Owen, you just give too much for Simon.Plus ... IT. IS. NOT. ENOUGH. GROVELLING!*stupid, idiot, jerk, Simon* (grumble grumble).Then, we still have those indecision phase when Simon thinking what to do with Owen, and Owen thinking whether he can trust Simon. Simon cannot immediately say if he wants to go home with Owen. Like he is still keeping Owen's in arm's length. I'm not really sure these two can survive without long talk and honest communication in the future.BUT, at least the story is only about 147 pages, and the writing is not bad. I enjoy the great description of living in nature, with a cabin, and natural sauna, and lake. I can totally imagine that. Even if most of the times I'm fuming over Simon's act and want to kick his ass.So, thinking about all that, I can only give this 2.5 stars. I don't hate the writing; as a new author, I might try her other stories. I'm not sure if I can recommend it to people who doesn't have enough patience over stupidity of characters though ...