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Different Spheres - Cari Z. Oh, I want to HUG this book *sigh*. I love it for these reasons:1) It features a 'minority' sub-group in M/M romance. Gil Donaldson suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS). It adds nuance to the story. It's great not to have someone who's perfect (as it comes often in other stories).2) Both Gil and Warren (his kind neighbour) are in the 'later' side of age. Not THAT old, but Gil is 44 years old single man (having his partner left him seven years ago after he was diagnosed with the disease) while Warren is a retired firefighter (I assume he's in late 40s). Thus, there's maturity in a way they build relationship. There's no quick lust and jump in between the sheet. 3) In addition, due to his disease, Gil approaches the next step of their friendship with tentativeness. He doesn't want to be dependent on Warren -- having accustomed of being quite independent by himself. So the progress is well-built and there are so, SO MUCH tenderness ...Definitely a gem of a short story.