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When Love Walked In - Charlie Cochet Awwwww - this is just a PERFECT and CUTE short story, that hits me in all the right places. I'm not a fan of historical, but I always make an exception when the backdrop is related to the 30s or 40s, especially in detective stories. Bruce Shannon is grumpy but witty, and OMG he loves cats!! He is so determined to look tough, but actually such a sap, proven by the Valentine card he ends up giving to Jace. Jace might first appears in the story as homeless, but he gets spine, and definitely a perfect fit for the detective. I love their conversation, I love the atmostphere, I love MITTENS (Bruce's cat). The story is pretty 'clean', we have kisses but no sexual encounter yet. However, considering that Charlie Cochet seems to list a sequel of this on her WIP page, I can hope for more development next :).Oh, I think I'm going to keep an eye on her next story, most definitely. Since it also has the 30s detective theme ...