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Nekropolis  - Tim Waggoner The first Matt Richter's -- zombie private investigator at Nekropolis, an otherworldly city, populated with the Darkfolks -- is quite enjoyable. Matt is the only zombie without a master, he's was a cop back on Earth, when he was alive. Nowadays, in Nekropolis, he does favors from time to time. When Davona Kanti, a half-Bloodborn's daughter of Lord Glam (one of the five Lords that rule five regions of Nekropolis) asks for his help to get back a missing Collection, called the Dawnstone, Matt figures it will be a job that can help him to save his "life" ...The story only covers the span of two days but there are A LOT of things going on. I admit, it starts a bit slow for me. I keep putting down my Kindle, and get distracted with other short stories. But somehow, I get back to it, because I wonder what will happen to the very likeable zombie detective. Yep, Matt is very likeable protagonist. Very, very nice. He doesn't have that sarcastic tone or hard-boiled sinister that sometimes appear in noir-detective stories. While it also makes him a bit dull at times, but because of that characteristic, Matt seems to gain a lot of friends to help him. Which of course, works for his business, since he sure needs help every now and then (my favorite 'friend' of Matt, will be Lazlo the crazy demon/cab driver).The romance is, well, not inspiring. I don't believe much on their supposed-to-be love after only two days. Maybe it will get better in the next book? Apart from that, the story is quite easy to follow. It is not overflown with technical jargons that I commonly find in this genre. There's still quite a link to present Earth to the story, somehow. So I guess I will be tuning to Matt Richter's next adventure.