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Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure  - Diane Kelly 3.5 starsIRS Agent!! That is something new :). This is a cozy mystery, with IRS agent Tara Halloway as the heroine. I enjoy the premise. There aren't many mystery involving an IRS agent. Doesn't mean that Tara cannot kick the ass of those criminals who are doing tax evasion though. Growing up with guns and two older brothers make Tara familiar with guns. ALTHOUGH, I have to admit that I cringe when I read Tara's five year old niece shooting with BB gun. I know that it's 'culture' in Texas, but I'm not one to approve of teaching kids with guns at such a young age.There are no dead bodies ... again, something new. And it doesn't take a long and agonizing plot for Tara and her love interest to get connected. Although there is a complication when Tara thinks that Brett (the love interest) is involved in a financial scam.All in all, it's enjoyable. HOWEVER, I'm not immediately jumping into the next books. Simply because I'm worried about the possibility of another man being introduced to Tara's life. AND, that kind of plot just annoys me to hell.