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More Than One Night (Harlequin Superromance) - Sarah Mayberry Charlotte "Charlie" Long has been a military woman for the past 14 years. On the night of celebration of starting her life as civilian, a chance encounter puts her on the path of Rhys Walker, a gorgeous I.T businessman. It leads to a beautiful one night. But Charlie knows that she is not exactly the type of woman that Rhys associated to, so she walks out on him. Two months later, Charlie finds out that she's pregnant and she feels Rhys has the right to know. Becoming a father is not exactly what Rhys has planned out under the circumstances. So could two people who get reconnected because of their responsibility of a child can move into something more? -----------I think, nowadays, I can count on Sarah Mayberry when I'm in the mood for contemporary (male/female) romance. She hasn't let me down and all of her books that I have read so far always strike gold.What I love the most from Sarah Mayberry's stories is the depth of her characters. The one-night-stand-result-in-pregnancy plot is one of the most commonly written (as well as one of my favorites, actually. I love anything related to babies and children)and yet she still able to make it enjoyable.Charlie suffers from lack of confidence in terms of her look. She believes that she is too plain, too ordinary, and a girl like her, in reality should never able to catch a guy like Rhys. That one night stand is a result of change in make-up and how she dress, thanks to her friend, Gina. But in the morning, she is 'slapped' by the reality and that's why she decides to walk away. Charlie's points of views of herself roots on the abandonment on her father. Charlie's mother died on birth and her father was an army guy who didn't know how to deal with a daughter. Charlie learned that she should think of what bad things could happen, since wishing for good things can lead to rejection.And her characterization stays throughout the story. She doesn't suddenly change into a woman with eyes only on Rhys. Her strength and insecurities draw me to her completely. Rhys, on the other hand, comes from a big, loud family. He never suffers from lack of love. His strength is his determination to achieve what he wants. He will find a way to make it comes true. Of course, with Charlie, it's all different. Charlie is not like any other girl that Rhys had relationship before.So the two people learn their way into love. And while this book uses the template of sex on around 20% mark and then later around on 80% mark (I read that somewhere, that is sort of the template of Harlequin stories. Don't know if it's true *grin*) -- but the middle part is convincingly lead to the happily ever after. I LOVE their path to that. Let's just say when it comes to the big P (yes, proposal), I can only sigh in deep satisfaction.Secondary characters, in form of Charlie's best friend, Gina, and Rhys's family members are also wonderful. So, another winner ... and Ms. Mayberry continues to satisfy me.