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The Station - Keira Andrews 3.35 starsHarlequin Historical Gay Romance -- that is my first thought when I finish :). First of all, historical romance is not my favorite genre, because I always have difficulties to get emotionally connected to love story that happens a century ago. I like to read something contemporary, the "now" sense is pretty important to me. I also don't know how accurate the historical part in this story is. So my opinion doesn't touch the accuracy of the history -- I will not know anything about it anyway ... As few of other reviewers have mentioned, it's a very narrative storytelling -- as a reader, you're being told rather than shown. In a sense, it also keeps some sort of distance between myself and the characters. However, what keep me going is the fact that I really like Colin ...Colin has this sense of optimism in him. He always thinks he's an outcast when he's in England, a young man who is yearning for another man (instead of a woman). Colin doesn't like where his path of life is going. But when Colin stands up to Patrick, admits that he also likes men, and being sent to Australia, he finds what he wants to do in life. I like that Colin doesn't drown himself in anguish over losing his privileges -- although he also seems too naive about the threats of other men, when he is in the ship. But he has strength and he is not a whiny brat. He's quite admirable young man.Since this story is written solely from Colin's perspective (third person POV), Patrick is left as an enigma. He has that flair of brooding, cold, standoffish hero of the 80's Harlequins, who doesn't believe in love until he meets Colin.Still, for a genre I'm not fond of, this story is quite nice...