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Eight Nights - Keira Andrews 3.5 starsI discovered Keira Andrews' recent stories this year -- I like her writing -- and decided to get her backlist. This short novella is pretty charming -- about two young men who find lust while being a holiday's "roommates" during Hannukah. Lucas is sweet and adorable. He's still quite clueless about his feeling towards another man, and to read about his attraction to Nate (the little brother of Lucas's roommate in college) is cute. Nate is more seasoned; he has experiences with men before. He's kind of aloof -- a result from being overshadowed by his big brother, the family's golden child. I enjoy their interaction, especially when Nate brings Lucas to sightseeing trip around NYC As a short novella, there's no strong plot. Basically boy meets boy and boy acts out on his attraction on boy. The ending is a bit too abrupt, more like a HFN. I know that there's sequel, and I'm going to read that too, although the reader's warning about cheating gets me all anxious. Never a fond of that particular plot. Still, it's quite a nice story if you're up for something light and easy.