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A Policy of Lies - Astrid Amara 4.5 starsThis is the second story of Astrid Amara that I read and I am really impressed. "A Policy of Lies" give me everything I want in a good story. A sympathetic likeable characters, intriguing plot, hot sexy sex scenes, and a great description of fantasy world. I'm not really into sci-fi world, but when it is well-written like this, I'm all for it. I truly enjoy how the story is being built up -- and the chemistry between Levi and Tiergan is strong, I can feel it (an everytime they have the hot sex *sigh*). Yes, the sex is there but not overwhelming. I love Levi and his naivete (which is not very strong virtue for a reporter *g*). Tiergan intrigues me too, and I feel bad for what he has been through. The story has enough angst and emotion to make me deeply connected to the story. I think, this is one of my favorite M/M sci-fi stories to date (aside from J.M. Synder's "Persistence of Memory")