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The One that Got Away - T.C. Blue My friend Eyre, has a shelf called "somebody-needs-to-be-smacked "; and I never thought I would need a shelf like that until now. Because for the course of the whole story, the reaction I have for this, is either (a) annoyed (b) pissed off (c) wanting to smack someone's head, and (d) all of the above. God, this story annoys me in so many level. First, the moping of Michael. Second, the "I'm going to be a good friend, and make him realize that he's gorgeous, by oh, I don't know, doing it bareback?" from Jim. Third, the back-and-forth of, "He's not good for me, he still think of his ex", "He's out of my league, I'm not good for him", "This is just sex, because he doesn't love me". Four, and suddenly, Michael decides to just go out of the state because he thinks Jim is back with Elliott. AAARGH!!!!! By that point, I'm ready to kick some bloody ass. Also what's with "he's hung, I'm tight" thing all the way through their sex??This story doesn't work for me; 2-stars for my own definition of "don't like it"