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There's Cock In This Book (The Hockey Story) - Isa K. 3.5 starsSince I read this prequel AFTER I read How To Quit Playing Hockey, it becomes only a "nice" introduction to Mac and Fritz. It doesn't have the complete self-journey that the sequel have (then again, the sequel is a full-length novel, this one is only a short one). However, it's interesting to see that in this prequel, Fritz is the one approaching Mac. In the sequel, Fritz comes on as slightly the passive one -- the one that keeps his thoughts inside, even if he acts more lively around Mac.Yes, I know I keep comparing the two books, I am sorry for that. Individually, this short story is a good one to read, if you want to know how Mac and Fritz come together :)Extra 0.5 stars for the title alone. SMART marketing plan :p