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That One Thing - Diane  Adams Alex is now 22 years old, going to MIT, being on top of his class, getting offers to work at prestigious firm. Then Jared comes, asks Alex whether he wants to go back to see the land that will end up being their home (if Alex agrees of purchase). And Alex must makes a choice about what he wants to do... ----This 6000+ short story is basically a filler -- as Diane Adams said herself in the dedication section: ""For all of you who couldn't wait for January". The first half was a sex scene (hey, Alex and Jared lives apart, so it's necessary!!) -- rather cute, when Alex's roommate barged in when they were just finished. Alex being mortified with embarrassment was adorable. The last half was Alex contemplating his choices and Jared waiting for what Alex decided. It's a lovely read. Then again, I have soft heart for this couple from the very beginning, so reading about them after a year break (their last story, [b:Stronger in Your Hands|11497913|Stronger in Your Hands (The Making of a Man, #3)|Diane Adams|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1306785148s/11497913.jpg|16433429], was released in July 2011) was a delight. Even if it was short.