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The Black Box (Harry Bosch, #16) - Michael Connelly 4.25 starsThis book opened with a scene back in 1992 -- where Los Angeles became a place of riot after the verdict of Rodney King's case. Back then, still a Homicide Detective at Hollywood Division with Jerry Edgar, Harry Bosch was called into a crime scene in an alley, where a white female body was found. A foreign journalist by the name of Anneke Jespersen. Bosch found a bullet as well, a nine-millimeter Remington, which he assumed came from the gun that killed her. But it was a city under fire, Bosch was called to another crime scene, the case then given to Riot Crimes Task Force, and it was never solved.Now, part of Open-Unsolved Unit, on his first year under DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) contract, Bosch decided to take the Anneke's case (dubbed Snow White) again, to walk the gun, and to find out what really happened twenty years ago. Only Bosch found out that the case was more personal than just a reporter getting killed during a riot ...--------------------------Harry Bosch. Twenty years later. And it is still GOOD!!My history with Harry Bosch has spanned over a decade (My first taste of this series was back in 2002 -- I remember because I bought the first six books in 2 omnibus, and at that time book 8th was just released) and every single time I get my hand on his story, I feel the same excitement as I did ten years ago. Bosch, for me, is simply one of the personal literary detectives. He wasn't perfect: he had flaws (one of them being that of prodigal detective, he easily made enemies left and right -- in this book, he butt-headed again with his boss and the person upstairs), he still learned how to be a good father for his (now) sixteen year old daughter. But Bosch had that determination that never waver, a sense of justice. I admired him for it.The case itself took life in a way that I couldn't even predicted. First, I thought it was related to some sort of war crimes, because Anneke was a Danish freelance reporter that cover war stories. Even until half-part, I still had no idea where the crime case would take me. When it was revealed that Anneke came to Los Angeles to investigate some ex-Desert Storm troopers that raped her back in 1991, I felt sad for Anneke and her brother, who has waited for twenty years to find out what has happened to his sister. It was truly well-written plot -- by the pen of Michael Connelly.Aside from the case, I enjoyed reading about Bosch's personal life -- most notably with his daughter, Maddie. I loved that Maddie made that birthday dinner for Bosch. I'm not sure about parenting ways of teaching teenagers about guns; how shooting simulation could be an idea of a father-daughter activity, but this is a different culture than my own, so I couldn't really judge. I wasn't really sure about Bosch's love life, though, seemed that he couldn't really retained a personal relationship *smile*. On another note, I did wish Bosch could be slightly kinder to his younger partner -- but maybe Bosch was always better as a lone-wolf type of detective, anyway.Here, Bosch hinted that his DROP contract was for five years and with this book, he still had another four years coming. Could I really hope that meant that there would be at least four more books of Bosch? Though of course, I would always get the new Bosch, no matter how many books it will be...