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Retirement - Sasha L. Miller 3.5 starsNeri was a thief on his last job, to steal a watch from Lord Casimir Thompsett, one of the King's mages. But things seemed to go too easy, and Neri wondered if it was all a trap.It had enough actions when Neri was forced to work with Thompsett to capture Neri's employer. I was at first giddy with the thought that Neri and Thompsett had shared a brief history in the past, from the way Neri thought about the mage (can't help it, "the one who got away" is one of my favorite tropes). But then, I was slightly disappointed that the history they shared wasn't like I pictured it to be. Also, I thought it didn't have enough romance or interaction that lead to romantic sense.Still, it was quite an enjoyable short fantasy story.