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Hour Game  - David Baldacci This time King & Maxwell were involved with serial murders in their town, Wrightsburg, Virginia, while helping a lawyer friend (Harry) who had a client accused of robbery at Battles' residence. At first, the serial murders seemed to be copycat of works from infamous serial killers (The Zodiac, Son of Sam, etc). But King and Maxwell found that there was more than meets the eye. That everything seemed to link back the Battles family...-------------Another great book -- I definitely love this series right now. I really enjoyed how Sean seemed to be the 'brain' in the partnership (he surely did a lot of digging and figured out things) while Michelle was more of the, well, not muscle but protector. Not that Michelle was not smart or anything, but she was more likely the one carrying the gun, doing the shooting, even ready to kick some villains' ass, while able to save Sean from attempted murder. It's nice to see the woman being able to protect the man once or twice ^^I LOVE, LOVE the banters between Sean and Michelle. Michelle was a slob while Sean was neat. So sometimes he made fun of her. But Michelle was not without comeback. I also chuckled A LOT here, during the scene at the Aphrodisiac (a gentleman's club), where Michelle was offered to be a pole dancer and later she was propositioned by a six-foot-tall naked woman named Heidi. OH GOSH, SO FUNNY!! I loved Sean's deadpanned humor when he addressed that fact to Michelle.The mystery reminded me a bit of the experience reading Agatha Christie's books -- in a sense that everything was related to the Battles and every single family members seemed to have their own secrets. Agatha Christie's books used to have that as well, where family members were not innocent or the small town citizens had their secrets. Although don't mistake this as having Agatha Christie-esque style, though. I just mentioned her because of the 'family with secrets' factor. Nothing more. Anyway, it was a good mystery and made me sad a bit (all those murders happened because Bobby Battle couldn't keep his libido, which resulted in a snowball of events, including one of his son getting syphilis as a baby and later died because of cancer, and motivated his twin to do all these killings.I have few more King & Maxwell books to catch up!! On to book #3 then...