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Out of the Pocket

Out of the Pocket - Bill Konigsberg Out of a Pocket is a coming out story about of a 17-year-old Bobby Framingham, a senior quarterback. Bobby just starts to deal with having dreams about men, and realizing that he is gay. He decides to tell his best friend about it. But it escalates to something that he has not expected, because his best friend tells his other friend, and then suddenly an article about him being a gay quarterback is out, and it is impossible for him to keep the secret any longer.The book is told from Bobby's first person point of view. You will see follow his journey of self discovery and acceptance. I'm amazed of how the author tackles this delicate issue. An young athlete in a team sport world, who decide to come clean about his sexuality, even if he is outed by someone else. One who decides that it is something that he has to deal with instead of feeling angry, or angsty, or in denial. I feel deep compassion for Bobby; I'm glad that he has support from his best friends and family. Although he must also faces people who don't like him, people who brings hateful posters during his game, or friends who stay away and make hurtful jokes him because he is gay.It is a beautiful story, heartwarming story. The writing flows naturally to keep this one reader sticks to the very end. This is an inspiring story, Bobby's bravery to deal with what is going his way is something for us to think about. It should be a very good lesson.The only criticism is the part with football jargons. I'm from Indonesia, I don't know football, so I have NO idea what the author is talking about when he talks about the football strategy. However, all in all, this is one of the most compelling stories I have read, and I am happily give 5 stars and recommend this to my friends.