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Within Reach

Within Reach - Sarah Mayberry Looking at all of the glorious ratings, I know that I will be a minority, a VERY SMALL part of the minority. I don't like this story. Despite the premise, which promises something complicated (a single dad and his deceased wife's best friend) but I never warm up to both of them. The internal dialogues are overwhelming, the self-thoughts about the guilt becomes dull and repetitive. AND, this is what makes this book a downhill for me -- the fact that I found their attraction to each other is basically physical. Angie thinking about Michael's body, Michael thinking about Angie's curves and breasts. When Michael convinces Angie that he does love her and he talks about her laughter and how she helps her out of his funk, I say to myself, where is the evidence?!? Even the part where Michael snaps is when he sees Angie almost naked. I'm sorry, but I have never been a fan of that. If there are scenes where Michael realizes how good Angie is for the kids, or for Angie to see Michael as a great architect and a caring father, apart from his great body, MAAAAYBE I will believe in them. Oh, and I am also uncomfortable with the scene where Angie tells Michael that he should move on, by asking him, "How about sex?" It just seems off for me, considering that Michael used to be married with Angie's best friend. Maybe if that question is asked by one of Michael's male friends, it will be better.Over all. I am not charmed. Not even a little bit.