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Embrace the Night Eternal

Embrace the Night Eternal - Joss Ware, Colleen Gleason Second book of this series and I'm still in awe with the world that Ms. Ware created. The romance is better than the first one, at least I can "feel" the attraction between Simon and Sage from the early chapters (for book #1, I think I waited untill past 100 pages?). Simon is a kind of hero that I like in a book. Quiet, reserved, yet deadly. He is one good example of the "tortured" hero for me. Love his ability by the way (which makes me wonder about Wyatt's and Fence's, as well!) Then Sage, my oh my, how can you NOT love a woman who loves books, computer savvy, and knows exactly what she wants? I think the two make a fine pair. I'm not really sure with the love triangle aspect -- because unless one of them is one bad guy, that always means a heartbreak, which I'm not fond of. I just hope that Theo gets his own HEA.Interesting twist for Remington Truth and I really feel that Ian Marcks is not a complete lost cause :p. Next book will be Quent's, and he has been given enough teasers that I hope the book delivers.